Can I Use Essential Oils on My Cat?

can I use essential oils on my cat

Essential oils have become my "go to" products when facing anything health related, so when one of our kitties started showing signs of an eye infection, I did some research about using essential oils on him and on pets, in general.

Basically, I learned that cats don't have the same ability, due to their livers, to handle essential oils like humans do, so if you DO use them, they need to be highly diluted, to about 0.05%, which works out to be 1 drop of the essential oil to 50 drops of a carrier oil.  For this instance, I used organic lavender essential oil and he has tolerated it very well.  However, after not seeing much improvement (and also trying a diluted organic apple cider vinegar wash on his eyes), my daughter did take him to the vet and he's now on some prescribed medication.

Could we have cured this with essential oils and the ACV wash?  Perhaps, but we didn't want to run the risk of it getting worse and compromising his vision and overall health.

So...have you ever used essential oils to treat your pets?