Thanks so much for checking out my site and wanting to learn a little more about me.

As a wife and mother of 6 kids, life is hardly ever quiet or peaceful.  It's just our reality.  If I'm not playing referee between a couple kids in a dispute over which cereal bowl to use, I might be filling my insulated cup with lots of ice and water before heading out on an errand. Our lifestyle is super flexible with homeschooling and getting to travel to NINE different countries in the past 5 years...with the kids!

But 2013 was a year of change.  My father passed away very quickly after a 3 month fight against a super mutated form of lymphoma, caused by exposure to a toxic pesticide used during the Vietnam War.  None of us knew this silent killer was waiting in his body to appear and take him from us.  I don't think I fully realized the magnitude of what caused his death until later.

In November of 2015, I was sitting in a very nice chiropractor's office (just a stone's throw from Walt Disney World) where a catalog full of skincare products and cosmetics caught my eye.  I'd never paid much attention to these kinds of catalogs, but I didn't bring a book and my 2 daughters were there all day for 2 weeks, getting specialized therapy for scoliosis. Part of our family's education about scoliosis, during those two weeks, focused on how important it is for our bodies to be as toxin free as possible.  Looking at the foods we eat, the activities we do and the products we use, all these factors can either introduce a chemical burden to our bodies OR help take that burden away.  I had tried making the move towards using more natural products before, either for saving money or just the fun of it, but I'd never put it all together to think about how it could impact the health of my family.

Back to the catalog...I saw products I used on a regular basis and they all were natural AND affordable.  The company's mission aligned perfectly with the mental shift I was making to provide a greener and cleaner environment for my family.  The rest, as they say, is history.  I caught the vision for using more natural products and opted to partner with a company that makes decisions on what natural products to buy much simpler.  In turn, I am lessening the chances of anyone in my immediate family being exposed to a similar type of silent killer that claimed the life of my father.

As a mom, every day I probably get asked at least 100 questions a day: what's for dinner, where's the milk, what are we doing today, can we go outside, can we go swimming, who's turn is it to scrub the pool, when's Daddy coming home...you get the picture.  Honestly, all these decisions I have to make really wears me down, so when I have a way to reduce them, I try to jump on it!  Most of the time, minimizing these decisions (and the questions that lead to them) is just a matter of taking a little time to plan.  It might be with a weekly meal schedule, a daily chore schedule, or choosing one company to buy all my cosmetics and skincare products through. 🙂

Now, the three most important core values I have are FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM!  My husband and I want to live life on our terms, being able to do things together as a family whenever possible and not have our time dictated by outside forces.  We've been able to experience that, long term, when we lived in Costa Rica and Mexico for over 1.5 years, but we've fallen into the "job" scenario again due to adding a new baby to the family (he's three now!) and ongoing therapy needs for our 2 daughters with scoliosis.  Family is the driving factor in desiring the freedom to live how we want to live and our faith is the underlying foundation that determines our "why" and often the "what" in our lives.

Being in business for ourselves is something we've done before and now we are doing so with sharing natural products with others.  Because time with my family is SO valuable, I'm leveraging the power of social media to build my business on my terms.  As an introvert, the traditional methods of a direct sales business of having home parties several times a week just doesn't fit who I am or my core values, so I'm being a bit more creative and doing things more 21st century style.

If you're looking for an additional income stream that doesn't have to compromise your core values of family and freedom, I'd love to share a little more about what I do in a "no pressure" way.  I know what I do isn't perfect for everyone, but it ALWAYS makes sense for good people to meet.  Learning more about anything, whether about people, places, businesses or products, is never a disadvantage.  Reach out to me on Facebook or via email.  I look forward to meeting you and learning more about you and what you're excited about!

Susan Whitehead